6th District

"I’ve been thinking about politics and solutions to problems my entire life. If people like me don’t run, then we’ll never achieve real solutions. We’ll just get more pointless talk and even less action."

Dissatisfied with Current Crop of Candidates, Chester County Resident Seeks to Become One

Paul Masters, 30, is running for the 6th Congressional District seat in the May 15 primary.

A Story of How Two People Fell in Love across the Political Divide and Now Want to Bridge the Party Gap

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Sundays at 2 pm:

Visit the Masters for Congress Facebook Page for a Live Stream with Paul

Feb 27 - March 20

New dates for petition signing are finally out! I'm looking for volunteers to help me get on the ballot for the Primaries, for the dates of Feb 27 - Mar 20. Anyone in Chester County / or Reading who is interested in the campaign and will to spare a few hours to door-knock neighborhoods, reach out to me at

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6th District, Pennsylvania

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