How to Break the Status Quo and Bring Ideas Back to Politics

First thank you for visiting my campaign website and checking out what I have to say and offer as a legislator.  I'd like to try to explain some of my overarching philosophy and what has motivated me to run for Congress, what I think I can bring to the table, and what some of the deep-seeded problems we face as a nation are and how they can be addressed.

Do you ever get the impression that most people currently involved in politics are in some sense missing the point or not even thinking about big problems in a way that is ever likely to produce a meaningful result or solution?  I do. When I listen to most political rhetoric from either major party, I get the impression of people who are heavy on grandstanding and light on solutions.  Like other parts of society, I see mostly people who are primarily motivated by avoiding blame for perceived failures rather than displaying any sort of courage to stick out one's neck to actually solve a problem.

We don't have to settle for short-sighted mediocrity anymore.  The establishments of both parties have at this point shown themselves to be unmitigated disasters and largely useless at actually solving any problems.  They are ossified, old, political machines echoing tired sentiments of ideas they used to have.  Hardly anyone in this country thinks that hardly anything government does these days is effective or well thought through or really even registers as something that could plausibly be called a solution.  Voters have been promised all sorts of important things for decades, from fiscal sanity to reasonable immigration rules to a less terrible healthcare regime - and none of it's happened. 

Take for example healthcare.  Prior to the Affordable Care Act, we had a deeply dysfunctional system with exorbitantly expensive healthcare that vast amounts of Americans, through poverty or through not being employed by a company providing healthcare, had no access to.  As a solution, the establishment Democrats rammed through the ACA, which is a deeply dysfunctional, even more expensive healthcare regime that continues to deny vast amounts of Americans access to healthcare for the exact same reasons as the previous status quo.  In response, establishment Republicans proposed a similar, deeply dysfunctional regime that would also be massively expensive and deny vast amounts of Americans healthcare for the same reasons.  Rinse, wash and repeat for almost every other issue I can think of.  Our politicians are simply not approaching issues in a way that will ever lead to good solutions - we're merely get minor variations on the same bad ideas.  Ad nauseam.

If both the Democrat and Republican establishment's solutions to healthcare were obvious non-solutions written in backrooms by lobbyists and heavily influenced by donors with a hefty stake in the status quo, does anyone reasonably expect that either party in its current composition is going to do something like tax/budget reform, or energy reform, or military spending reform, or basically any other issue any differently?  I highly doubt it. Their modus operandi is clear.  I would wager that Congress' constant sub-20% approval rating demonstrates widespread bipartisan agreement that our representatives are terrible.

My conclusion is that most of the current crop of politicians simply aren't up to the task, and it is
incumbent upon us as voters to replace establishment politicians with new faces, fresh ideas, and a mandate to make good on promises for concrete, well-defined solutions.

When a voter sees any politician campaigning on some combination of ad-hominems and empty platitudes like 'good schools' or 'honoring veterans' (cheap, easy, and cliche feel-good statements that everyone agrees with) we should conclude that they are about image, not substance, won't get the important stuff done, and ignore them.  They probably won't really even try, and may not know how to.

Instead, we should only consider politicians that offer concrete proposals and solid articulations of what they intend to do, and for what reasons they intend to do so.  That way we can send politicians to Washington whose intentions are known, and who are sent with a clear purpose and mandate, and can be replaced if they don't get the job done.


Despite the massive and corrosive influence of shady money and wealthy influence in politics - the solution is quite simple.  Stop voting for these people.  Vote for people with ideas and people who refuse to play the money game.  This is still a democracy.  Fundraising and platitudes don't actually send people to Congress, votes do.  


I'm running because I don't think Congress knows how or is particularly interested in fixing the myriad pressing problems in America that need to be fixed before they become unfixable.  And I think I can.  

Please read my platform and get a sense of who I am and what I'm about, and make your own opinion on whether or not I can get the job done.  Even if you don't want to vote for me, at least join me in refusing to vote for candidates that stand for nothing.

Who I Am

I grew up in the 6th District in the West Chester/Exton area.  After high school, I attended the University of Pittsburgh, graduating in 2010, whereafter I went to Navy Officer Candidate School and served for five years as an officer on destroyers. I remain an active reservist.  After resigning my commission, I moved back home and now live in Paoli, PA.

Reach out to me directly at mastersforrepresentative@gmail.com.

Photo by Caity McLeod. Courtesty of InLiquid Art + Design.