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While I share many people's well-founded skepticism of the veracity of many climate models, I believe that human industrial activity and the associated emissions both pollute the environment and run a serious risk of causing detrimental effects in the environment.

I therefore will support national regulations and initiatives to reduce dirty emissions.  My goal is to help set out a blueprint and enact into legislation an actionable plan that maximizes the utilization of carbon-free energy sources at our disposal now (primarily nuclear energy) and allows for a future energy and transportation landscape without fossil fuels.  It is important to note that even if climate change were totally untrue, it would still be incumbent upon us as a society to implement a post-fossil fuel energy infrastructure, if only for reasons of clean environments, energy security and the inevitable exhaustion of fossil fuel deposits.


If we want to be serious about a clean environment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we have to embrace the best technologies available to us now and implement them as we plan for the future.  This means embracing large-scale nuclear energy generation as the short-to-medium-term solution, with renewable energy sources supplementing to the maximum extent practicable.

  • Drastically increase government support for the construction of new nuclear power plants - including fast-tracking licensing procedures for conservative new designs (designs based on proven technology and safety measures) and dramatically reducing the bureaucratic impediments to the construction of new nuclear generating stations

  • Support R&D and implementation of alternative energy sources like wind, solar and tidal power where feasible

  • Seek community support for new nuclear plants by developing a list of suitable sites and soliciting volunteers for new plants


  • Implement a medium term (20-30yr) phase-out of large amounts of fossil fuel generation sources as new carbon-free generation sources come online, but fully allow utilization of such resources in the near-term


  • Utilize any reasonable resource to help government anticipate what the energy infrastructure of the future will look like - whether that be a national infrastructure for electric vehicle recharging, updated distribution grids, automated vehicles  or any other technological development, and target infrastructure funding primarily to advance our nation's infrastructure, not merely maintain it.

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