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I will introduce/support legislation that drastically revamps the American healthcare system to establish a universal multi-payer system similar to that used in Switzerland. 

The Swiss model will allow us to ensure that every American actually has good health insurance (not merely 'access to') at a minimum sacrifice with respect to market efficiency


Despite bluster on both sides concerning the Affordable Care Act, there are still about 30 million Americans without health insurance, and countless more with unusable high-premium plans - a totally unacceptable state of affairs.

A good healthcare reform should ensure health insurance and directly attack the actual factors that drive our massively expensive and massively under-performing system, primarily phasing out government-run healthcare plans, phasing out employer-based healthcare and bringing all Americans into the market via a real individual mandate, thereby ending the treatment of civil courts as a lottery.

  • Phase out employer-based healthcare and shift all Americans under a strongly enforced individual mandate

  • Government mandated minimum healthcare plan that insurers can offer, which will include most if not all of the ACA provisions concerning things like pre-existing conditions and community rating

  • Eventual phase out of Medicare and Medicaid after the new system is firmly established and these government plans are no longer necessary

  • Certain exceptions to the government minimum for organizations like religious groups, who may want to to start their own health insurance non-profit that does not include certain procedures on religious grounds - but where it is entirely an individual choice to participate

  • Direct individual subsidization to ensure that no individual pays more than a certain percentage (somewhere around 10%) of their income to health insurance - the government covers the rest

  • Managed transition such that no one currently covered under Medicare and Medicaid ever loses coverage.  However the numbers work out, the principle would be to ensure that everyone receiving fully subsidized public health insurance now remains fully subsidized under the new system.

  • Free market in health care plans offering coverage in excess of the minimum requirement

  • Tort/Malpractice reform - limit non-economic damages to around $250,000, set a cap for lawyer fees for malpractice suits.  Medical expertise should drive medical decisions, not fear of an army of trial lawyers.

  • This constitutes a fundamental change in how we do healthcare, and will likely be a long, gradual process as we shift to a healthcare system that includes everybody and is in line with the successful models in other countries.  Employer-based healthcare and public plans cannot simply end immediately, but if we do not fix the system it will only get worse.

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