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I believe our nation needs to have strong immigration laws that we actually enforce.

Those laws should seek to minimize the amount of people who enter this country illegally, minimize downward pressure on wages, minimize American-worker displacement, minimize risks of entrants prone to terror or crime, and maximize the proportion of immigrants who have a vested interest in integrating into American society.  However, we must deal with the reality that our nation has purposefully not enforced immigration laws in several decades, signalling to many that illegal immigration is perfectly acceptable.


Strongly enforce immigration laws, including:

  • Support for an Australian/Canadian-style points system along the lines of the proposed RAISE Act.

  • Increase government support for methods of combating illegal immigration, including border patrol, deportations of criminal illegal aliens and strict tracking and enforcement of temporary visas

  • General amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for non-criminal illegal aliens reasonably believed to have been brought to the country as minors (generally those currently covered by DACA) - with rigorous vetting to minimize the risk of fraud

  • Mandatory and strict enforcement of work-status verification systems like E-Verify and other measures to make it difficult to impossible for employers to hire illegal immigrants

  • Massive reduction in widely-abused visa programs like H1-B and H2-B by reducing the overall number of visas awarded per annum and greatly increasing the minimum salary requirements for such visas.  These programs are purposely designed to be abused by guaranteeing companies a cheap labor pool that gets massive non-wage benefits (chance at a green card) and usually works on short term contracts, so management can avoid having to fire people.  Americans can't compete with that - and its frankly disgusting that any politician would continue to support a system so obviously slanted against American workers.

  • The overall goal should be to decrease the potential supply of illegal immigrants and decrease the demand of illegal immigrant labor within the country through strong legal enforcement.  As current and would-be illegal immigrants realize that America has gotten serious about its own immigration laws and work is harder to come by, few people will attempt to immigrate illegally and most already here will return home.

  • Government support for self-repatriation - I will support the government offering a free ride home to any current illegal immigrant who wishes to take advantage of it.  Illegal immigrants who come forward and self-repatriate should also be granted an amnesty with respect to any immigration-related incidents on their records and have a clean slate should they desire to legally immigrate in the future or obtain a visa to visit.

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