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Money in Politics

Unchecked money in politics has reached an endemic level in our nation and is a huge component of a disgusting political system whereby an officeholder's ability to please donors and open wallets is the primary qualification to go to Congress.

When most politicians gear up for an election, they spend almost all their time meeting donors and attracting funds.  They evidently spend almost no time coming up with solutions to pressing national problems - ostensibly what we hire a legislator to do.  The money-focused system virtually guarantees that we get legislators beholden to those entrenched in the status quo and explains a large part of why Congress accomplishes nothing. 


I believe that any corporate right or wealthy individual right to free speech as manifested by unlimited funding of political efforts through vehicles like Super PACs is deeply flawed - and that the right to free speech by political spending should be proscribed to actual human beings in their individual capacity with limits.  I would go so far as to prefer a completely publicly-funded system and take private money out of politics completely.  The goal is to make elections focused on what the politician will do, not how much money they can raise.

Overall, I believe that legal entities like Super PACs and any other way that corporations and individuals can fund politics without limits should be eradicated, and I will seek to do so as a legislator.

With this in mind, I am hereby pledging that I will neither seek nor accept any form of funding other than direct donations to my campaign with the applicable limits.  I will never endorse nor encourage the operations of any Super PAC (or similarly funded political spending vehicle) for any reason, especially if they purport to support me.  Additionally, I will also not seek or accept any party-level political funding now or at any point in the future whose funds derive from unfettered corporate/wealthy individual spending.  Because I believe that soft money should be eliminated from politics, I am pledging to never use it and will seek to get rid of it.

I would additionally encourage voters to view with skepticism candidates who claim to want to get donor influence out of politics while benefiting from the very thing they decry.  One gets the impression that establishment politicians who promise to reform campaign finance while simultaneously courting corporate donors are laughing all the way to the bank - at our expense.

If I go to Congress, I want to go there because voters have sent me there on the basis of my ideas and strength of character.

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