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National Space Program

While not always at the forefront of the national political dialogue, I am a steadfast proponent of a large, visionary national space program with a particular focus on manned spaceflight and paving the way for future beyond-orbit exploration and colonization efforts.

America went from one-person orbits to planting the Stars and Stripes on the moon in seven years in the 1960s, inspiring the nation and the world in the process.  Not to mention creating a slew of incredible new technologies.

I will introduce/support legislation and otherwise endeavor to help NASA to the utmost of my ability.  In particular, I want to see a large increase in NASA's budget coupled with a well-defined, robust program to return humanity to the Moon - with an eye to a manned scientific outpost and near-future colonization efforts on the Moon and Mars.  I would like to see NASA develop specific timeframes and programs to achieve these goals, and help them get such programs codified in law so they are difficult for future politicians to backtrack on.  

While I greatly applaud and will always encourage private-sector efforts to achieve these goals, I am unpersuaded that individual actors in the private market yet have the means to launch such ambitious and economically dubious missions.  NASA should act as a technological and logistical spearhead in space, pioneering the next step in space technology and know-how, and then cede those roles to the private market as they become commercially viable - much like what is now occurring in the orbital launch sector. 

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