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Term Limits

The underlying critique of politics that term limits seek to address is the corruptibility of public officials. 

The concern is that sending people to the swamp runs a high risk of turning them into corrupt swamp creatures.  I share this concern, but I am not completely convinced that term limits (while they wouldn't hurt) are an effective solution.  Instead, I will pledge two things.  


  • If elected, I hereby promise that I will hold at least two open, public, recorded primary debates with any and all future primary challengers - that being any person who goes through the ballot access process for the primaries.  That means for anyone who offers me a primary challenge and will be on the ballot, I will hold two debates during the primary season so that those individuals have a fair opportunity to personally address me, question my ideas and tactics, and attempt to convince the public that they are a better choice to represent PA's 6th District.  I extend this promise to write-in candidates who in my judgement have significant public support.  I of course make a similar pledge to any general election challengers from other parties who also desire to publicly debate, and would encourage them to do so.

  • I also pledge and give my solemn word that I will never, upon leaving office for any reason, attempt to profit off any connections or experience accrued while serving the people of the 6th District of Pennsylvania.  The list of future professions I consider off-limits includes but is not limited to any form of lobbying or government influence where my sole or primary qualification would be having been an elected officeholder and any residual influence or connections obtained due to that service.

Again, I think the underlying concern driving a push for term limits is the potential corruptibility of officeholders.  By pledging open primary debates to challengers and foreswearing post-office government influence employment, I think I offer a more effective check on this concern.

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