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Trade and Foreign Policy

Faith to American principles in dealing with foreign actors involves promoting and practicing the ideals of free trade, democracy and individual liberty.

It is also the duty of a sovereign nation state to protect the well-being of its own  citizens first.  Promoting our values while defending American interests means that we stay true to our principles while not being blind to the world as it actually is - a world in which foreign actors quite often wrongly see the world as a zero-sum game and seek to achieve economic or geopolitical gains at the expense of America and through worldviews that do not yet recognize that democracy and economic and personal freedom are the road to peace and prosperity.


In the realm of foreign policy and trade, I hold the utmost confidence in our ideals, and will view any issue I am in a position to influence by analyzing an issue's adherence to our ideals, its actual or potential effect on American citizens, and the extent to which foreign actors share our ideals and deal in good faith on that basis. The spread of democracy and freedom is essential to a future world where all people live in peace and prosperity.  Our ideals cannot be spread at the point of a gun or economic compulsion, but by setting an example along with our like-minded friends and allies that convinces the rest of the world that we are right.  Until such a time as the whole world is on the program, we must be ready to confidently articulate and defend our ideals and protect our citizens against those who do not share them.

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